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    "Albert is a knowledgeable, efficient, hands-on realtor and an excellent human!"

    As 2020 comes to a close, I think it is safe to say that this has been one scary year, with COVID topping most lists. I say most because my list of scary things for 2020 included not only the pandemic, but pandemic plus an unconventional property in an unconventional condition that precluded a conventional sale,which had to be sold ASAP. And yet, Albert Garcia, our hero, pulled it off. Due to illness, my father’s 2000 +square foot LB loft, which was under construction, needed to be sold. My husband and I went round and round about what to do with the property--considering it’s unfinished condition--and what to do with any property during the early months of COVID. We met Albert quite by accident but were impressed by his unwavering certainty that he could find a CASH buyer, COVID be damned! He found a buyer rather quickly. We were almost to the jumping up and down point when he called to say the buyer, an investor, had reconsidered. We were devastated. Time was running out for us. Albert was unfazed. Told us he was confident he could find another buyer. We were encouraged by his response, but secretly started working on a Plan B. Before we got very far with our plan, Albert called to tell us that he had done the impossible, again. He found a buyer who agreed to the terms and proceeded to do everything, including helping me to get rid of some furniture, to see that this sale went through. Which, thankfully and inspite of the odds being stacked against us--unconventional sale, unconventional property, unconventional time--the sale went through without a hitch. Albert was so fantastic that I recommended him to a elderly friend, who also had a unique sale during COVID. And of course he had no trouble selling her property. And of course he rolled up his sleeves--and his girlfriend rolled up hers!--and helped pack, drive loads to a storage unit, arranged for trash pickup, delivered coffee, took her in his car to all the necessary appointments and signings . . . and that’s just the stuff I know. As for things I don’t know, I found out during our celebratory lunch--his treat after completing 3 sales between my friend and me-- that he is my nephew’s good friend. Of course he is! Albert is a knowledgeable, efficient, hands-on realtor and an excellent human. I highly recommend him for all unconventional and conventional real estate transactions.
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    Draza O'Brien
    "He makes you feel like family!"

    Four years ago we used Albert Garcia as an agent to help us find our first house. He made everything from start to finish easy and painless and we ended up finding the perfect starter home. Recently we were thinking about selling and looking for a new place and immediately reached out to Albert again.We found a place we loved but the purchase or our new home was contingent on the sale of our old one. Albert again came through on all levels, carefully walking us through each step and going the extra mile to advocate for us as clients. He was able to sell our house at 30k above asking and get our offer accepted at the new place for 20k under asking. Not only did he handle the whole process with such expertise, but he also went the extra mile to help with details like boxing up our things for the move. I would highly recommend Albert as an agent for both his professionalism but also the way he makes you feel like family and takes the pain out of the process.
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    Sara Azevedo
    "He was always on schedule!"

    It is with pleasure that I write this letter. For four months, Mr. Albert Garcia has worked as my real estate agent for three of my properties. Throughout this time, Albert has shown outstanding professionalism as he continually looked for the best offers with persistence.I appreciate his sensitivity to explain every step of the process with patience vis a vis my ignorance in these matters. I was indeed fortunate to have his unconventional and matter of fact approach to the various problems we encountered. Albert was always within reach and approachable. He was always on time for appointments with a positive attitude and is certainly not lacking in humor. Albert made the paperwork tolerable. He was always on schedule. In short, his warm personality, integrity, and generosity in helping me beyond expectation was refreshing. It is clear that Albert finds joy in his work. It’s rare to find these qualities in business. In addition, those who are fortunate to work with him should feel comfort in knowing that they’re working with a totally honest and trustworthy individual who is not afraid to literally roll up his sleeves and do what needs to be done. I highly recommend his services. In closing, I plan to follow up on Albert’s offer to be a friend and to lend a hand whenever I need him because I believe he is serious.
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    Dr. Ingrid Aall
    Professor Emerita CSULB

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