Innerbloom Properties helps home owners and trustees of distressed properties by helping them rehab home with no up-front cost. This allows owners to sell home for much more money than they would have in its original condition. Every distressed home has the ability to generate more money and attract more buyers if it were move in condition. Most times sellers end of leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table by selling the home “AS-IS”.

Trust the Process.

Innerbloom properties has a process that’s been tried and put to the test with successful results every time. After our consultation and agreeing on terms Innerbloom Prop. brings in their licensed and bonded inspectors and contractors to conduct thorough review of property. After gathering all information, a Rehabbed home cost analysis which will detail how much money is needed to rehab and what the ARV (After Repair Value) of property will be once rehab is complete. Our time line varies on condition and amount of work the property needs but our average time from beginning of rehab to going live on market is 75 days.

Build it, and they will come.

If you’re a home owner, trustee, or real estate agent with a property that is ready to be sold but can use a glow up, Contact Innerbloom Properties and set up a free no obligation consultation. This meeting will literally put tens of thousands of more dollars from the sale of your property into your pockets at no up front cost to you!

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