Belmont Shore - Long Beach


Livingston Drive and 2nd Street form the heart of Belmont Shore, from approximately Bluff Park on the west to Alamitos Bay and Naples Island on the east. The eastern border on Alamitos Bay Beach is an inland beach that faces Naples Island across a channel. 2nd Street and the fifteen intersecting side streets make up the business district of Belmont Shore. The neighborhood features Spanish-style homes from the 1920s and 1930s, older houses remodeled and expanded into contemporary styles, numerous large contemporary houses, and sections of multifamily apartment buildings.

The business district is represented by the Belmont Shore Business Association (BSBA) and the residents are represented by the Friends of Belmont Shore and the Belmont Shore Residents Association (BSRA).

The southern coast of Belmont Shore is a south-facing Pacific Ocean beach that lies just inside the Long Beach breakwater. Due to the presence of the Federal breakwater, this beach experiences very little surf, and is not as popular for beachgoing during the summer months as are the nearby beaches of Seal Beach or Huntington Beach, for example. The area offshore of the ocean beach is, however, popular with kitesurfers, kayakers, and boaters.

Each summer, the portion of Bay Shore Avenue south of 2nd Street, at the eastern end of Belmont Shore, is closed to traffic from 9 am until 5 pm and is converted into a pedestrian and bicycle-only zone.

At the intersection of 54th Place and Ocean Boulevard, at the southeastern corner of Belmont Shore, lies the entrance to the Peninsula, a narrow, mile-long neighborhood of Long Beach surrounded by water on both sides, and the Alamitos Channel at the far end.

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